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1:1 sessions

Our individual sessions offer a holistic approach to address physical, emotional, psychological, & mental distress through movement.

These sessions can help one communicate difficult feelings and bring thoughts and behavior patterns to Consciousness.


Group work

Group work offers a powerful and supportive environment for individuals to engage in therapeutic work together. It offers a supportive & safe environment for personal growth, self-reflection, and connections building compassion & empathy.

moving group


 We provide customized workshops to any organization, corporates, NGO or Studio spaces bringing in the therapeutic experiences of Movement Therapy. These are carefully curated to the specific needs of the client to explore their inner landscape, navigate emotions, and nurture mental well-being..

artistic outlet

*Prices per session.

Indian Residents

Outside India

Individual Consultation 



Group Therapy

(5 - 10 people)

₹650/- per person

$18.99 per person

A 75 min online Movement Therapy sessions are conducted once or twice a week unless, occasionally, the client feels a need for an urgent session. 
According to the client's needs, therapy can be both short-term or long-term. Clients have complete autonomy to pause or conclude their therapy journey whenever it feels right.

Plans and Pricing

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